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« Savon de Marseille » soap has a quality label !

Soaps are produced in the Marseille region since the XVIIth century. It is famous worldwide for its quality and skin proporties. But this is a recipe and the name is so old that it has not been well protected. So, nowadays, you can buy Marseille soap that has never seen the South of France !

This is the reason why, four soap manufacturers decided to create an union of soap professional and also a label, to reassure customers when they buy a Marseille soap.

The Union of Marseille Soap Professionals (Union des Professionnels du Savon de Marseille) has currently 4  founding members :

Marseille Soap Label

- Marius Fabre,

- Savonnerie Le Fer à Cheval,

- Savonnerie du Midi,

- Le Serail.

These producers can use the label Savon de Marseille on their products if they follow the rules that were enacted :

- a manufacturing process with 5 steps, called « Procédé Marseillais » – Process from Marseille : L’empâtage, le relargage, la cuisson, le lavage annd la liquidation.

- it has to produced using at least 63% of vegetable oils,

- no scent,

- no coloring,

- nothing added except the traditional ingredients,

- it has to be manufactured in the Bouches du Rhônes departement (Marseille is the capital of Bouches du Rhônes).

At My french Neighbor, we chose Marius Fabre for the soap we wanted to sell. These Marseille soaps are so gentle and very good for the skin. We hope you love them !

French style outdoor furniture and accessories

French Mediterranean Style

Luxury resorts feature casual yet elegant patio furniture that never scrimps on comfort or style. The French Mediterranean style adds an element of flirtatious fun as well, with a subtle, curvaceous silhouette. Rather than straight-edged, uptight lines, the legs and back of patio furniture in the French style arc and bend in sweeping lines and forms. Plush cushions and pillows add comfort and texture. Lounge chairs may feature bold stripes for a modern French appeal. When it comes to color, the blue of the Mediterranean Sea is ideal. Fabrics may feature blue and white prints, in a mix of floral and striped patterns. In the garden, rather than exotic flowers, herbs like lavender and rosemary add to the Mediterranean mood.

Parisian Bistro Style

White wrought iron is the classic material of the French bistro style. Side chairs and accent tables in painted-white wrought iron give a backyard or garden the atmosphere of a Parisian café. Cushions covered in pretty pink exemplify the fun and flirty French style. An embellished patio umbrella or striped patio awning cover adds to the café feeling. Wrought iron railings and trellises help frame the scene in style. If major purchases aren’t in the budget, wrought iron scroll work added to existing pergolas and posts or wrought iron lighting fixtures add subtle French notes.
The Parisian bistro style creates a charming setting for entertaining. A table set with crisp white tablecloths and napkins and cheerful pink flowers immediately adds a note of elegance to the café style. Large glazed flower pots overflowing with blooming flowers enhance the mood.

French Country Style

For the rustic look of the French country style, choose patio furniture with a handcrafted look. Caned chairs and chairs crafted in wicker or wicker-look-alike resin are good choices. Mediterranean blue and bright, sunny yellow help create the ambience of the provincial style. Recreate the look of ancient cobblestone streets with patios surfaced in terra cotta tiles. Colorful ceramic tableware and crockery makes for refreshingly simple outdoor dining.
While a trip to France may not be an option, you’re free to explore adding French touches to your patio or deck. Whether it’s look of a luxury resort on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, the charming ambience of a Parisian bistro or the laid-back mood of the French countryside, your garden can become the setting for a European vacation at home.