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At My French Neighbor, we chose the Marius Fabre products for their quality, their lovely fragrances and also the authentic history that is attached to these soaps. Marius Fabre is a French Soap manufacturer since 1900.

In 1900, when he was only 22, Marius Fabre created his own soap manufacture in Salon de Provence, south of France. He produced the soaps in his garage with only two cauldrons and some "mises" (molds).

In 1914, Marius must go to the war. His wife Marie will take care of their business for 4 years during the 1st world war.

In 1927, since the business is growing they moved to the location they still are. In 1938, Fernand, the oldest son of the Fabre family succeeded to his father and then in 1973, Henri, the youngest son of Marius became the manager.

Since 1987, Marie Hélène, youngest daughter of Henri, leads the company.

Today, Marius Fabre Marseille soaps manufacture employs 23 people in Salon de Provence. The philosophy of Marius Fabre is :

- the best ingredients,

- traditional "savoir faire".

At My French Neighbor, we love Marius Fabre soaps and we are sure you'll love them too !